Heather Tyrell


I grew up in Derbyshire, studied in Sheffield and have worked in the North West of England and Wales in Social Services for over 25 years. I started my working life in social care as a Care Assistant in the 1980s, in what was then called a Special Care unit for people with learning disabilities. I have worked as a social worker, lecturer and senior manager.

I am currently undertaking a part-time PhD at Swansea University on the extent to which citizens can contribute to and inform social work supervision, as a means of co-producing high-quality social work support. I am a member of the British Association of Social Workers, and an independent member of the Continuous and Professional Learning Alliance Reference Group.

I am passionate about social work with adults and specifically how social workers can work with citizens to co-construct effective solutions. I am committed to social work education and learning, particularly how practitioners and managers, once qualified, can develop their professional knowledge and skills. I believe that social work in the 21st Century has a direct and important contribution to make, in helping people achieve their personal aspirations.