Roger McMahon


In June 2015 I was proud to be confirmed as a trustee of Cartrefi Cymru Co-operative. My background is in social work and teaching. I worked for Lothian Region and Southwark Social Services in both these fields in both field and residential social work and more latterly I ran a group home for discharged psychiatric patients.

In Southwark one of my many tasks was to design and execute care plans, to bring adults with learning difficulties who were in institutional care, back into the community to live independent and semi-independent lives.

More latterly I have worked in international education directing language schools in Hungary, educational consultancy with government large programmes in Central Asia and Iran, and setting up many small businesses throughout Central Asia to teach English, sell and write textbooks and recruit students. Up until 5 years ago I was Director of Special Projects and Regional Director of Central Asia for Study Group, one of the large international education companies. Working for this company allowed me to see, participate and help change a fast growing organisation with most management being achieved remotely.

Currently I am non-executive director for an educational fair and marketing company, Levant Education, with representation in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran. I have invested and am seeking to invest in e learning and other related educational companies.

In a small way I have a little knowledge of property in that I am founder director of a freehold property company with 29 flats and briefly held the lease on a hotel in the Midlands. As a child I experienced learning difficulties perhaps not severe but I was unable to say more than 3 words together until I was 18 plus. Cartrefi allows me to make use of my varied knowledge and experience, in both the public and the private sector and personal history to contribute to this outstanding forward thinking charity and co-operative.