For Professionals

Cartrefi’s core work is the provision of statutory social care services. For this work, we are:

• commissioned through contracts with local authorities
• subject to registration and inspection from the Care Inspectorate for Wales,
• required to fulfil the workforce standards of Social Care Wales.

This means that we must:

• deliver good quality care and support
• maintain a sufficient workforce of trained and competent staff
• ensure our finances are not a cause for concern
• act lawfully at all times (including paying legal wages)
• provide good value for money.

As a values-based organisation, we strive to go beyond these basic requirements. We work hard to earn the trust and respect of our professional colleagues, sharing information openly, proactively seeking ways of reducing costs or adding value, and playing a leading role in the shaping and implementation of policies for the benefit of Welsh citizens, communities and public services, both now and for future generations.

Examples of our current commitment to innovation and added value include:

• The application of the Vanguard Systems Thinking Method.
   Reducing waste by enabling frontline staff to do what matters for the people they support.

• The implementation of our own Person-Centred Active Support system.
Enabling people to retain and develop skills and confidence, reducing their dependence and increasing their self-esteem.

• The incorporation of Community Building into our co-operative membership offer.
Encouraging and supporting all members, including the people we support, our employees, and everyone’s families and friends to make their local community a better place for everyone.

• The embedding of Co-production into our Co-operative constitution.
So that people receiving our services can be valued as assets to their community and can share power as equals with those who are paid to support them