What People Say About Us

"I would like to congratulate Lydia, Anna and all the staff for their professionalism, help and understanding during what has been a key moment in the life of my brother Jon and our family. Their dedication and caring attitude has resulted in a much simpler and stress-free transition than we could ever have expected. Jon has settled well and we are happy in the knowledge that he is well cared for and happy".

Family Member

"The team there are so friendly and nice. My son doesn't really like to go away from home, but you mention the Cartrefi short breaks service and you see a positive reaction. He is much more independent after he has been there. He likes me to spoon feed him normally, but when he is away, he will have a go himself. The staff encourage him to do it. It's peace of mind. I wish he could go more often. I don't worry about him whilst he's there. I would recommend Cartrefi Cymru whole heartedly".

Margaret Owen, Parent

"What a pleasure it has been to meet the staff that provides support to my father and what a good team they are. The support we have received from Cartrefi has changed our life and the team have been so supportive".

Family Member

"A big thank you to the Team in Bridgend for all the recent hard work and effort resulting in improved confidence and wellbeing on an individual you support".

Rachel Gavin, Care Manager