Our Co-operative Difference

Cartrefi Cymru became a multi-stakeholder co-operative in 2016 when the principles and practices of Co-operation were written into our legal constitution.

Membership is open to the people we support, our employees, and our community supporters.

We have democratic structures to give members a strong voice and real control.

All members are required to contribute and are valued as contributors of their time, talents and community contacts.

We promote self-help and independence both for individuals and for ourselves as an organisation.

We believe in the value of learning and education to help our members fulfil their role as co-operators and community builders, and for all of us to make Cartrefi as good as it can be.

We love to co-operate with other co-ops, and with any agency committed to the public good.

And of course we care passionately about our communities.

Being a co-op strengthens us in all these ways. And retaining our charitable status ensures that our priority is always the people we support.