Mark Morgan

Community Supporter

My working life included welding, building, working for the MOD and more recently senior civil servant in the barracks.

I was a Local Politician for 30 years before I lost my seat, in this position I found a passion for representing other people, which I believe will help me fulfil my role as a Cartrefi Council Member.

I am also a member of Brecon Lions which means I am often engaging in activities that benefit the community, this is what introduced me to Cartrefi Cymru Co-operative. Being a part of Cartrefi is brilliant, and it motivates me to continue making a contribution to my community.

I am also an Honory baliff of the town council, and a qualified risk assessor (isoh).

My hobbies have been varied over the years, I used to be a DJ, but now I spend my free time playing Golf, and watching Rugby.

I am grateful for my position on the Council, which I will use as a platform to represent the views of other members.