Sue Jones
Assistant Director (Operations)

I have worked for Cartrefi for the past 28 years, starting on the Peri team in Bridgend.  I am so grateful I had this opportunity as it gave me a chance to meet lots of staff and service users who allowed me to develop skills in a variety of settings.  From there, I moved into a supported living service also in the Bridgend area.  I worked there for 3 years where I then became an assistant service manager.  I was lucky to have a Manager who encouraged development and she prompted me to go for acting positions which were outside of the Bridgend area.  I then became a Service Manager and from there had another temporary position as Area Manager in RCT.


I stayed in RCT for the next 17 years meeting so many people.  During the last 8 years I have also worked in the Vale of Glamorgan area as well, meeting lots more wonderful service users and staff.


I hope my short story inspires others to pursue a career with Cartrefi.  I started on the Peri Team and this year have started a new chapter as Assistant Director (Operations).


There have been many changes during the time I have worked in Cartrefi but I can hoestly say I have never had to go through some of the situations we have had to face this past year.  Everyone has shown how dedicated they are to the people we support by adjusting their support practices and putting themselves in the front line to ensure support continued with a little disruption as possible - a huge thank you to everyone.