Our Employees


As a support worker for Cartrefi the point of your role is right in front of you. You are there to help someone have a better life. There is a professional understanding between the managers and the staff, a professional trust that allows you to make decisions. They respect you and it shows by giving you more autonomy. Cartrefi understands that the key for this job is building relationships between you as a member of staff and the person you are supporting.
Richard, Support Worker

I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to support people in their own homes. I particularly enjoy promoting individuals independence e.g. helping someone with their shopping, assisting them to go swimming, attending health appointments and helping with house chores. I believe an important part of my role at Cartrefi is to be a friendly face.
Kim, Support Worker

I have found Cartrefi becoming a co-operative is a very innovative and important change. It gives all of its members a voice and ensures that everyone is equal. I think to embrace change, like this one, is positive.
Andrea, Area Administrator