Mandy Tilston-Viney
Regional Director

I hadn’t worked with people with learning disabilities until 2004 when I became the Wales manager of ARC UK, an umbrella organisation that supports learning disability service providers. I then had the pleasure of meeting and working with many inspiring people, with and without learning disabilities, and led a number of projects that achieved real changes in people’s lives. One highlight for me was the three year project to re-launch Active Support in Wales as a highly effective vehicle for helping people to achieve some fantastic outcomes.

Around that time, I was also a carer for my grandma who had dementia. I saw that there was a long way to go before she and others like her would get what mattered to them from a home care service or from institutionalised care homes. When Cartrefi approached me to help them with their Home Care in Arfon, I jumped at the chance in the hope of being able to ensure that people like my grandma would get a better quality of support. I hadn’t been able to do that for her, but maybe I could for others.

In 2009, I became the Regional Director and embraced the complexity of being the Responsible Individual for all of our services up here in North Wales while at the same time seeking to innovate with new models of service that truly help people to achieve what matters. It’s a rewarding role, and I am constantly delighted by the ways our committed staff teams are helping people to achieve, to contribute and to live well.

I have always enjoyed a challenge, and my current focus of trying to redesign the whole principle and practice of Home Care by experimenting with Vanguard Method Systems Thinking is satisfyingly consuming.

I believe the Social Services and Wellbeing Act is a game changer in Wales as it challenges us all as citizens to work together to make a better life. Cartrefi’s transformation into a Co-operative is inspirational because it is bringing us together to tackle the many problems that are facing us as a society. Together, we can make a life that’s good for us all, where no-one gets left behind. What matters is that the people we support are respected and safeguarded and enabled to have the full range of opportunities and experiences that make up a good life. What matters to me is to be able to look back and know that I made a difference.