Ian Derrick


I have worked in financial services throughout my career, latterly for the Bank of England's regional office in Wales.

Encouraged by my employer, I was keen to understand how the economic landscape is impacting on not only private sector organisations but also the third sector in Wales. As a result I first visited Cartrefi in 2016, and was delighted to be asked to become a trustee after seeing the fantastic work and enthusiasm of all involved. I don’t have any direct experience or background in the field like other trustees, but try to bring a different attribute - assisting senior management and other trustees in their understanding of and links to the wider economy, and the Bank's role.

I also had a personal incentive in becoming a trustee as I believe it will provide me with a much wider breadth of experience and knowledge. My wife works in the additional needs education sector, and also encouraged my involvement.

I have really enjoyed my learning curve so far, and Cartrefi’s journey to become a co-operative, particularly the chance to visit and speak with users of Cartrefi services.